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In Progress: A new paperback edition of my first book. Blood and Thunder: The Boys of Eton College and the Great War. Updated to include two "lost" chapters on Mesopotamia and the fall of Serbia, fully edited and revised. No Release Date.

In Progress: George V, Edward VIII and The Crown. NON_FICTION. No release date.

In ProgressBlue Murder. FICTION. Will Stanley book three, set in the summer of 1917. Will and Crabtree are summoned to the site of the particularly grisly incident down in the French sector that threaten to destroy Britain's alliance with France. They find themselves amidst in-fighting, political machinations and even mutinies. Release date late 2021.

In Progress: A Pool of Tears. FICTION. 1886. What happens when an independent, headstrong woman, one of the first in Britain to gain a masters degree, stumbles into a hideous crime scene and begins poking her nose into the business of the bereaved detective placed in charge of the investigation? I can guarantee that she will absolute not fall in love with him. She's got no interest in capturing a husband, just in finding a killer. No release date.

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