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WW1 PUb crawl

Take a guided, late afternoon/evening walking tour through London based on the capital's pubs and the First World War. We'll naturally stop to toast each story as we go! 


Saturday 11th June: £20 4 SPACES LEFT



LondonWar walks

This summer step nearly 400 years back in time for an afternoon spent tracking the War of the Three Kingdoms in London. From defences, to lopping the heads of Kings and obviously a pub along the way, get ready for a stint of Cromwell bashing... 

Thursday 7th July

Saturday 9th July 13:30 £15


Next March, follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia. Led by a highly experienced trekking guide, this week long tour will take in highlights such as a trip to Aqaba, walking in Wadi Rum, and camping under the stars with the Bedouin. If you're lucky they will even give us a cooking lesson. We will also get acquainted with the Hejaz Railway and learn how Lawrence introduced modern insurgency to the Middle East. At the end of the tour we will also visit Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

11th - 18th March 2023 Glampers £1399 

18th - 25th March 2023 Trekkers £1399


The Italian front promises spectacular viewing. This week-long, holiday for a limited group will be based at up to three hotels and will comprise daily excursions to examine this neglected front of British interest in the Great War. 

(C) Andrew Holmes


If enough interest can be gained, our intention is to take a limited group to Israel for a week-long walking holiday that will follow the line of Allenby's advance during the Palestine campaign in the latter part of the Great War. (*Covid Pending)

Chelsea FC

Following a successful trip in 2019, my aim to once again take a limited group to key sites in France and Belgium for a long weekend in June. Based on "Over Land and Sea: Chelsea FC and the Great War" this tour not only covers the impact of war on football, Chelsea in particular and the impact of the clubs fans and players. It also serves as a comprehensive introduction to the battlefields of the Western Front. The Tour will comprise one night in Arras and two in Ypres, and will also cover events on the Somme. (*Covid Pending)

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