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19/2/2021: Cover at is in for the next Will Stanley adventure. It's still a way off being finished, but thank you Steve Smith for yet more design greatness! In case you haven't worked it out, Will is on his way to revolutionary Russia on a very special mission that has it's roots in historical fact.

18/2/2021: It's been a busy few weeks, but I'm thrilled to now be represented by Independent Talent for all things television/broadcasting. For book related projects, I'm equally as thrilled to be working with The Soho Agency. History Hack is now at half a million downloads, and the Great War Group continues to grow rapidly thanks to the passion of the whole team. We still can't quite believe the response to our new outlet for remembering the Great War. We've had someone as young as four on our kids lockdown sessions, and our new online course sold out in 24 hours. We've since added a second run of the same course and a couple of spaces remain available. 

16/2/2021:  I was thrilled to give a talk for the National Army Museum last week on George V and the First World War. You can view it here

1/11/2020: Work is now completed on two upcoming documentaries, one series on the life of Churchill, and the other an extended programme on the life of Montgomery.



New Series of War Factories! 6 parts, airing on Yesterday on Wednesdays at 8pm

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