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In March 2020 Alina Nowobilska rang me bored in lockdown and suggested we start interviewing historians. 900 episodes and 2 million odd downloads later, with an expanded team of shameless nerds, we appear to have become podcasters. Our subjects run from the rise of the dinosaurs through to the Falklands Conflict. We've had TV tie ins with the likes of Sean Bean and (with Woody over at WW2TV) 25 cast members from Band of Brothers. Everyone from Mary Beard, to James Holland to Simon Scarrow have kindly donated their time, and we've been proud to showcase guests from 17 years of age to 95! We even have our own virtual pub, The Mary Rose, in which we get drunk and debate things like the silliest death scene in history or the stupidest war in history. (Emus, by the way) If you've got a story to tell, a rabbit hole that consumes your time or a book coming out, you can contact Alina (@WW2girl1944 on Twitter) about recording an episode. 

We're represented by Independent Talent, if you need to get in touch for anything else

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