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Work continues behind the scenes, but since lockdown I have started a podcast with fellow historian Alina Nowobilska. We've been privileged to interview some astonishing historians and also the likes of Sean Bean, Ioan Gruffudd and 23 cast members from Band of Brothers. We achieved 86,000 downloads in our first 70 days, nearly 3 million imprints on twitter and 100 episodes. Beyond our wildest dreams. See link above.


New talks added! Another chance to catch my new T.E. Lawrence talk later this year, and news of a new George V talk, based on the King's dedication to rebuilding Britain after the war.



Work continues on the next Will Stanley story, Blue Murder.

Spring 1917.

“Never trust the French. That’s what my grandfather has always said. But then he is demented and was born at a time when we Englishmen shot them for fun.”

Now Britain is bound to France as her ally, and their mutual survival is dependent on winning the war. After a monumental failure on the battlefield, the French Army is in turmoil. Discipline is falling apart, and mutiny threatens to spread to the British ranks.

A gruesome discovery at the front threatens to tear the allies apart and defeat them from within. Summoned to the French front, Captain Will Stanley is compelled to resolve the mystery.

All of this would be taxing enough on its own, without the appearance of a voice from beyond the grave.


The first few sections are done, including a face to face meeting between Will and Prime Minister David Lloyd George. Safe to say he's not a fan. A pile of material on the French mutinies of 1917 remains to be tackled,  but there are already a number of new characters in the pipeline, as well as returnees from Black Winter.

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2020 is going to be a busy year! I'm planning to launch a history YouTube channel. Filming continues for a second series of War Factories, I am thrilled to have started work on exclusive material at the Royal Archives for a new writing project. The premise is George V, Edward VIII and The Crown, and will examine the relationship between father and son, to ascertain how much it impacted the abdication, or whether that crucial turning point in the history of the British Monarchy was always  inevitable. Work has also begun on the third instalment of the Will Stanley books. Blue Murder will see Will dragged down onto the French sector in the summer of 1917, amidst mutiny and chaos to investigate a particularly grisly occurrence. And I've been obsessing over a WW1 cult figure lately. I'm not ready to say why, but following an inaugural battlefield tour in Jordan in November to look at Lawrence of Arabia and the Arab Revolt, I've also introduced a new talk: Who was TE Lawrence? 

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