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Event: Great War Group Conference 20th - 22nd October 2023

I'll be delivering a speech on Friday 20th October in Brighton as part of the Great War Group's annual conference. I'll be explaining why we're dedicating an entire evening to men from India and the subcontinent in Brighton with stories of how the town adopted these wounded men in the early part of the war. The weekend includes lots more, including talks from Richard Van Emden, Tamara Scheer, who is flying in from Vienna to talk about Austria-Hungary with "How to Lose a War in Twelve Languages."Richard Van Emden will be giving us the last word on boy soldiers and Ravindran Rathee will provide a keynote for our Indian event. Peter Hart will also be speaking on the French at Gallipoli. There are lots of social events planned including a a Bavarian live band and a WW1 themed drag race to celebrate wartime entertainers. Ticket packages are available: here 


I'm delighted to have launched a historical tour company with my Great War Group co-director Beth Moore. We are offering trips next year on everything from the Napoleonic Wars to WW2 in France, Belgium, Italy, Turkey and Jordan. We also offer a number of day trips and excursions in Britain and beyond. You can find out more: here 

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