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I've recently started a publication of my own, writing all about the bits of history that interest me, my way (with added sarcasm and swearing). You'll find the most up to date news about projects as well as all this exclusive content  via the link below.



We've waited a long time to be able to share this, but Nicolai Eberholst and I have signed a deal with Head of Zeus to produce a new, globally inclusive history of the First World War in 2025. It's "bottom up" too, as in told through the voices of ordinary people. We don't believe in  putting the war into boxes: "Western Front", "Eastern Front." We think the war needs to be viewed as the giant, inter-connecting sh*tshow that it was, because nothing happened in one place without having an impact in another. Given that my name is Churchill and Nicolai is descended from vikings (probably) we did it the fighty way and decided to smash the boxes. Cover art should be about soon, but for now, you can read the sensible press release from The Bookseller here.

Tours 2024

This year I have three foreign tours with Istoria Travel. Sadly, the situation in the Middle East killed off Jordan, but we will release dates for 2025 as soon as we can. As it stands, we plan to offer both our walking trip where we vanish into the desert and the glamping version where you get a pool instead of a long drop toilet. Email to join the mailing list for updates. In the meantime you can join me for any of these... 

Ist Trans.png

The Western Front & Chelsea FC

In 2015 Andrew Holmes and I (with the help of Jonny Dyer)  published a book about the contribution of our football club to the war effort. This tour draws on the results of our research and shares the stories of both players and supporters that they uncovered.

The football content isn't militant, we won't savage you if you don't support Chelsea! This one has all the Western Front highlights if you have never been before, and we're happy to work in personal pilgrimages too... ​

Scheduled Dates: 21st-24th June 2024

Price: From £649pp

Belgium 1914

Follow the German invasion across Wallonia and into Flanders. The First World War did not begin on the Western Front at Mons. This tour is the chance for you to follow the path we took to make the History Hit documentary last year. For three weeks, the Belgian army had fought off invasion from a vastly superior army. ​The story of Belgium in 1914 is a multi-national one, and this tour examines the opening months of the conflict from everyone's point of view.

2024 Dates: 22-27th July

Price: From £1199pp

Roads to Rome

Two marches on Rome, 1500 years apart.

Rome has only ever been successfully invaded twice from the south. On this roadtrip, we follow the Appian Way from Bari, with an essential detour via Naples, to the Italian capital. You’ll track Belisarius, ‘last of the Romans’ on his way to recapture Rome in the 530s, alongside the Allied landings of 1943 and the march along ’the queen of the roads,’ via Monte Cassino. In doing so, you’ll learn all about the importance of Rome’s roads.

Scheduled Dates: 16th - 25th September 2024

Price: From £1529

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