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So we (Beth, Great War Group, and Alina, History Hack) appear to have started a thing. 

We had made so many contacts and friendships through lockdown with our history work, that we decided it might be nice for everyone to meet face to face. With the help of the lovely people at the Imperial War Museum, we spent a day networking and then we went off to the pub to socialise. At that point we were joined by "The Chaps", our lovely men friends who wanted to come our and support us (and drink beer) and everyone had a blast. 

So we will be doing it again! To keep up with any updates on this, and to receive a monthly newsletter about ways in which you can get to know and support fellow women in history, and join in online events (a regular watch along of terrible historical films, starting with Titanic 666 is on the cards,) you can join the fun (the mailing list) by filling out the form below.

Tell us a bit about yourself...
How would you describe yourself?
In which eras does your brain normally live?
What are you looking for?

We'll Be In Touch Soon!

By agreeing to the terms and conditions you consent to the information that you have provided being available to other users in the form of a directory for the purposes of networking and identifying contacts that might prove beneficial for your work/interests.

This only works if we are there to help each other. If, however, you would like to apply to be on the mailing list, but removed from the directory for personal reasons, please contact us here. All users under the age 18 can request to be removed from any listings disseminated to other users.

The user directory will include details of, and be available to all those on the mailing list including the chaps and those wishing to support women in history. We don't want to look any potential gift horse in the mouth. We're not proud.

You can remove yourself as a user/from the mailing list at any time by emailing here.

We really are aiming for maximum inclusion, supporting each other in all of our projects and forming a safe space for women working in, aspiring to work in, or those who just want to enjoy history. To that end, we have a zero tolerance policy for meanness, attempted exploitation and general skulduggery. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the list who does not participate in the spirit of the community. You'd have to go some way to find yourself asked to leave, but if this happens, our decisions are final. 

You can report inappropriate behaviour here.

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